The Case for TV to go to College

I have recently been thinking about character growth in television and our occasional fear of letting our characters grow. I call this the "college complex". We all know it. It happens in every high school show where the audience asks, "what happens in four years after they graduate?". This happens more and more with shows that don't even take place in high school. I think there is a fear of knowing what happens to a character when they leave the environment we know them in. And I am here to make the case that the audience does want to see characters leave their environment. It is a part of human growth to leave one place and go to a new one. Whether we quit our job or move to a new city, it is part of all human life. So, why are we so scared to see this development in our characters on tv? Why do we not think they can live past the environment we met them in? I think the show that proves this the best is The Good Place. This show continuously displaces the main characters in new environments, yet the characters remain themselves and the show's plot becomes more and more intriguing. Just because the show is titled The Good Place does not mean Michael Shur has to keep these characters there. The characters had to leave in order to grow and the audience wants to follow the character change. We wonder what will happen next every time the characters have to leave their environment. Where can they go next?! I hope television continues to follow this trend and feel that they do not need to trap characters into growing from the full human beings they can be.

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